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Teeth Whitening in Norwalk CA

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Teeth Whitening in Norwalk CA
Teeth Whitening in Norwalk CA

A warm bright smile is a welcoming sight, something that says, ‘I’m glad to see you.” Clean white teeth are a big part of that smile, unfortunately, after years of eating and drinking and taking certain medications most people’s teeth have dulled and many have stained teeth. Teeth Whitening in Norwalk CA can help restore teeth to the whiter shade that brightens your smile. Dr. Michael Barme, DDS has been brightening the smiles of area residents for over 30 years. O
Our practice is dedicated to delivering high quality general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to our patients’ families. Our doctor encourages teeth whitening in Norwalk CA for those patients who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Our practice uses the Zoom System to whiten our patient’s teeth the procedure can be done in our office or at home. In our office our doctor will apply a 20 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish onto the teeth and then a sealant layer that dries in minutes. The patient keeps the solution on for 15 minutes then brushes off the thin layer of sealant, this is repeated three times for a total time of about 45 minutes and after the last cycle the beautiful restored smile is revealed. If our patient prefers they can use the Zoom at home approach, which uses custom-whitening trays that our practice provides that are used with a special whitening gel. The patient can use the at home system whenever they want, so there is maximum flexibility. The Zoom at home system is more effective than OTC whitening products from the store because of the custom made trays that fit your teeth precisely so all the gel gets to the teeth and because of the proprietary gel formula that gives longer lasting whitening.
Our teeth whitening in Norwalk CA dental practice delivers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services from orthodontics to veneers and crowns. These services not only improve the look of your teeth but also help restore your teeth to maximum functionality and improve your overall oral health. Make an appointment to come to our office and discuss all your dental needs with our doctor.

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