Norwalk toothache

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Toothache in Norwalk

If you’re suffering a toothache in Norwalk call the dental offices of Michael Barmé DDS. Our goal is to treat your teeth quickly and efficiently so that you are in and out of our offices and your pain subsides immediately. We know how painful a toothache can be. We treat toothaches, gum disease, place implants, and now implement laser surgery. Laser surgery has a quicker healing period and is less invasive.

Toothache in Norwalk

A toothache in Norwalk can start from a low throb and become out of control after a while. If the pain gets bad, you may need to come in for an emergency checkup. If there is tooth decay present, we will discuss treatment options with you first. Sometimes tooth decay causes a cavity, which can be filled right in our offices in a short amount of time. Patients may need to come back for check-ups afterwards, but our goal is to get you out of pain and home as soon as possible. Other dental emergencies include abscesses, which are infections in the tooth and can be very painful as well, and impacted wisdom teeth. An abscess should not be ignored. It can turn into a bad infection if it is not handled properly.

Gingivitis and tooth decay can lead to problems in the teeth. We recommend a regular tooth cleaning and if gum disease is present, a more involved cleaning like a deep cleaning or periodontal cleaning should be done, especially if pockets are over 4mm. Visit our website for more information. We provide our services as well as office information. Patients can also check out our podcasts and listen to an interview by Dr. David where he provides advice to younger college students who may want to pursue dentistry as a career choice!