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Tooth decay and the eventual cavities that result from it are all traceable back to dental plaque. Knowing how it forms, and what to do about it are key aspects of promoting and maintaining optimal oral well-being. Here at Norwalk Dental Center, we are committed to helping you avoid the consequences of dental plaque when possible, and treating them when they do occur.

The first things to know about this sticky bacterial substance are that it is invisible and colorless. You can feel it when you wake up in the morning. It’s that coating you notice, and why you reach for your toothbrush before you even reach for your coffee, tea, or juice. Sugars and starches in your diet fuel the growth of plaque. Our Norwalk dentist office recommends that you limit consumption of things like candy, cake, and soda. But beyond the obvious, it’s also worth noting that milk contains sugar. Potatoes, pasta, rice, and breads are also associated with dental plaque formation. It’s the acid in it that erodes your tooth enamel. But it’s not just your teeth that are at risk. Gum disease is also caused by it. In addition to brushing your teeth in the morning, do so after meals, and before bed. Floss thoroughly at bedtime, too. And be sure to come to our Norwalk dentist office two times per year for a complete examination and a teeth cleaning, during which tartar buildup from leftover dental plaque is removed, making future cavities and gum disease less likely. Furthermore, our teeth cleaning reverses the effects of early stage gum disease.

Dental plaque can be controlled, leading to a healthier set of teeth and gums. While it’s on your mind, we encourage you to reach out to our Norwalk dentist office to schedule a convenient time to come in for an appointment.

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