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All your teeth start out strong, durable, and intact. Cavities are the ultimate result of issues that begin with your diet and continue on through your daily oral hygiene and the number of times you come to our office here at Norwalk Dental Center for an examination and cleaning. By following a simple strategy of prevention, cavities can be a very rare occurrence, and the same is true of consequences like toothaches and infections.

Our Norwalk dentist can assure you that cavities are traced back to dental plaque. It’s a bacterial-based film that has acids in it. Those acids eat away at your tooth enamel, and given enough opportunity, they will surely erode enough tooth material to leave a hole, or what you know better as a cavity. So it makes sense to focus on what can be done about dental plaque. The sugars and starches in your diet are what fuel it, so right there is a good place to start. Are we suggesting that you eliminate all of them? Absolutely not. That is unnecessary. But you should definitely try to avoid eating them to excess. Less dental plaque means less opportunity for dental decay, which in turns should lead to fewer cavities. In addition to halting plaque at the source, you can help a great deal by brushing your teeth frequently so that it has less time to be on your tooth surfaces. At minimum, brush twice per day, in the morning and at night. If you can manage, do so after meals, as well. Be sure to floss vigorously between your teeth at bedtime to loosen sticky plaque there and to dislodge any food particles. Our Norwalk dentist will find cavities in a timely manner and treat them right away. Plus, our teeth cleaning will eradicate the hardened tartar that has built up from plaque that remained too long in your mouth, making new cavities less likely.

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