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Teeth Whitening in Norwalk

Are you stuck with a stained set of teeth? You don’t have to be. At Norwalk Dental Center, our teeth whitening treatment makes it possible to transform your smile into a noticeably brighter one in as little as one hour. And no, we’re not kidding you.

When you come to our Norwalk dental office, you can choose from between three options. The first, and fastest, is to have your teeth whitened by our cosmetic dentist. That’s the one hour session we mentioned earlier. Whitening solution is applied to your teeth. It goes to work breaking down the stains from such sources as tobacco use, coffee and tea, wine, cola, berries, curry, and soy sauce; all of the common reasons why teeth lose their normal luster. Another way to go is to have our Norwalk dental office take impressions for the fashioning of custom whitening trays. You’ll take them home and wear them as directed by our cosmetic dentist. Typically, it’s just two or three hours per night. In a matter of days, you’ll see the difference. The trays dispense the whitening solution, and it’s very effective, though not as concentrated as the one used in-office. The third option is to combine them. Have your teeth whitened here, and then use the take-home method for maintenance, ensuring long lasting effects. When compared to the products that are on most drug store or supermarket shelves, there are many good reasons to feel excited about our whitening treatments. Ours don’t contain any abrasive ingredients, and are therefore safe on your enamel. Plus, you can’t get the same degree of improvement with what you buy over-the-counter. Professional whitening means professional outcomes.

Reach out to our Norwalk dental office to set up a time to come in for an appointment. Call us on the phone, or use the convenient button on our homepage to request one.

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