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Replace missing teeth in Norwalk

Norwalk dental implants
Norwalk dental implants

The goal of replacing missing teeth is to give you back your complete smile, but it’s also a boost to your self-image. You will feel much more confident when you laugh, speak, or eat. You won’t cover your mouth to avoid letting others see the empty space where you used to have one or more teeth. In addition, when you get our Norwalk dental implants, your other teeth won’t shift, possibly causing discomfort or even jaw misalignment. We’re pleased to offer a solution that has may impressive advantages over the two other major types of full-tooth restorations, fixed bridges and removable dentures. Start by scheduling a consultation to determine if you are good candidate for implants.

There is nothing wrong with bridges or dentures, of course. A fixed bridged is cemented to your gums and is secured to the tooth on either side of it. But that requires that you lose material from those two teeth as they must be drilled down to place an anchor before a cap is added to hold it in place. Removable dentures are held in with clasps on either side as well as adhesive along the gums. But this isn’t always reliable. Dentures can slide when you chew or speak, leading to feeling awkward and unsure. Plus, bridges and dentures only replace the tooth on the surface of your gums. They do nothing to replace the root beneath the gum line. Our Norwalk dental implants, however, replace both. This not only creates a strong foundation, but also preserves your normal facial contours and keeps vital gum and bone tissue from atrophying.

There are two steps to getting our Norwalk dental implants. First, a cylindrical titanium post is surgically placed in your jaw. This is the root replacement. Over several months, your jaw bone grows around it, and fusing with it. Then, you will be measured for a crown that will be made out of tooth-colored material, and then put on top of the post. It will be cemented for permanence. And there you have it: a prosthetic tooth that looks, feels, and acts like any of your real ones. Eat anything you want, even the hardest foods. Brush your implant, and floss between it and your other teeth. With proper care, you can count on it to last for a long time, possibly even for life.

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