Norwalk CA Orthodontist

Norwalk CA Orthodontist

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Orthodontic care has gone through many advancements. Gone are the days when you had no choice except for the clunky, heavy, and unattractive metal braces and all their criss-crossing wires and brackets. Instead, our Norwalk CA orthodontist is pleased to offer modern metal braces as well as Invisalign, the system of clear aligners, that does the same job as traditional braces while eliminating the drawbacks that are closely associated with them.

Today’s metal braces are thinner, lighter, and can even be considered stylish. They can be customized to suit your preferences. And in some instances, they are still the best option, especially with particularly tough teeth alignment issues. Also, if you are the type of person who would be tempted to take your braces out if you could, you may be better off with metal braces, which are fixed. Invisalign is removable, and while that has some obvious benefits, if you are likely to keep your aligner out when you should be wearing it, you may want to think twice. Invisalign is made out of clear plastic, making it nearly undetectable to the eye. No one will know you are wearing braces unless you decide to tell them so. Furthermore, they won’t cause any potential mouth irritation or soreness as can sometimes happen with metal braces. Our Norwalk CA orthodontist makes your aligners right here at our office, using precise 3-D computer technology. Most patients will wear between 12 and 48 aligners over the course of treatment, each for two weeks. In addition to metal braces and Invisalign, we also offer retainers, which are used to maintain the results that have been achieved through orthodontic treatment. Headgear is sometimes also used in conjunction with braces, especially in younger patients.

Schedule an appointment with our Norwalk CA orthodontist. Straighter, properly-aligned teeth are not only a cosmetic advantage, but also vital for your overall dental and periodontal health.

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