Gum therapy in Norwalk CA

Gum Therapy in Norwalk CA

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Periodontal Treatments in Norwalk CA

Gum therapy in Norwalk CA
Gum therapy in Norwalk CA

If you are looking for an expert dental practice that also provides periodontal care, you should visit us at Michael Barmé DDS. Our top-notch dentist, Dr. Michael Barmé, will be able to assess the health of your gums, and provide gum therapy in Norwalk CA, if necessary.

It is impossible to have healthy teeth without having healthy gums. If your gums are not healthy, infection can travel down to your jawbone and teeth can begin to loosen and even fall out. Additionally, infection from gum disease can travel through your bloodstream to other parts of your body and cause serious medical problems. For these reasons, you want to make sure that your gums are healthy. If you need gum therapy in Norwalk CA, our dentist will be able to provide it for you. Unfortunately, gum disease will not go away by itself. It is important that you receive the proper gum therapy to make sure that your gums once again return to good health. If our dentist sees that you have developed gingivitis, a common precursor to gum disease, our dentist may recommend that you have several regular dental cleanings over the coming months to help your gums become healthy once more. However, if our dentist sees that you have developed mild to moderate gum disease, you will need to have some type of periodontal treatment at our dental practice. If deep pockets have formed between your teeth and gums, a scaling and root planing treatment can be extremely effective in helping your gums regain their health. This treatment is like a deep cleaning for the gums which will make sure that all plaque, tartar, food debris and infection is removed from the deep pockets. You may also receive a topical antibiotic treatment at the time of the scaling and root planing procedure.

To meet with our dentist for gum therapy in Norwalk CA, or to have the health of your gums evaluated, contact us for an appointment.

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