Emergency dentist in Anaheim

Emergency Dentist in Anaheim

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Traumatic injuries in Anaheim

Emergency dentist in Anaheim
Emergency dentist in Anaheim

We hope you never do, but should you ever have a traumatic tooth injury, we hope you will contact us at our dental practice, Michael Barmé DDS. Our expert emergency dentist in Anaheim, Dr. Michael Barmé, will be able to provide you with complete emergency treatment for your traumatic dental injury.

The two most common traumatic injuries that teeth can encounter is when a tooth is dislodged or avulsed. When a tooth is dislodged, a tooth is inadvertently moved out of its proper place in the mouth. If a tooth is pushed partially out of its socket, hopefully our dentist will be able to reposition and stabilize the tooth. Should this occur, you will want to immediately contact our dental office for an immediate appointment. If our dentist finds that the pulp has become damaged or infected several weeks down the road, you will need to have a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Usually if you need a root canal, it will be started only a few short weeks after the injury as first occurred. If you have a tooth knocked out of your mouth, the tooth is said to be avulsed. Should this occur, time is of the essence. It is extremely important that you make an immediate emergency appointment to come in to see our emergency dentist in Anaheim to see if the tooth can be reinserted into its proper place in the mouth. Our office staff will give you exact instructions on how to safely transport the tooth to our office so that it can hopefully be reinserted by our dentist. The length of time that the tooth was out of your mouth can have an impact on how successful the tooth treatment will be; successful treatment can also depend on how the tooth was transported to our office. In the case of an avulsed tooth, a root canal treatment will just about always be needed to completely restore the tooth.

Should you ever have a traumatic injury, we urge you to immediately contact our office for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Anaheim.

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